Friday, May 27, 2011


We are planning two vacations in June.  The first will be to Kansas where we will visit a cousin I haven't seen in over 40 years and hopefully find some additional ancestry information for my mother's family.  (Do you ever watch "Who Do You Think You Are?)  My great grandmother and great grandfather from Germany may be buried in the little town where my cousin lives, Ellinwood, Kansas, and I hope to visit their graves and take photos for my website.  From there we will go to Wichita for the White family reunion (my father's family) and visit my nephew and sister-in-law, plus all the relatives who come to the reunion.  I will certainly miss my cousin, Nina, who passed away this year and was always at the family reunions.  We are traveling with a friend who also has friends in Ellinwood and Wichita.  Later in the month we will travel to Virginia to visit our son and his family.  We are looking forward to a driving trip to Virginia since we have always flown and I am anxious to see that part of the country.