Friday, April 19, 2013

Evil in this world

Once again I am baffled by the evil perpetrated by some people in this world.  It seems to be all around us and is prevalent in our country right now.  We look at the news from Afghanistan and Israel and think, "Those poor people, how do they live day to day with the evil in their countries, the bombs, etc." Then it happens in our country and what are we to think?  I am so low over this violence, I hate violence.  Yesterday, someone said to me what they thought what we should do to the bombers and it was more violence. Although I hate what the bombers have done, I don't see how meeting violence and evil with more of the same solves any of the problems.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Madrone Tree

I have completed one new work, "The Madrone Tree".  I really liked the shadows on the trunk.  I have two additional pieces started, but have been sewing so I am slow in completing the next two.
                                                               The Madrone Tree

Another Cruise

We are going on another cruise.  This time to Key West and the Bahamas.  I am really looking forward to this cruise.  It has been over two years since we went on our last cruise.  Richard said he didn't want to go anymore but I talked him into it.  We are going with KASZ again.  I will take lots of photos and post them.  I just wished someone would look at what I post.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New computer

My computer crashed and I have not been able to get into this account until today.  We had a good fine arts and jazz festival although I worked too hard and was sooo tired.  The art was beautiful and the jazz musicians seem to be happy with the set-up.  The audience enjoyed the music.  My son and family came by.  He was playing in a group and I got to see him and family for a few minutes.

I am still a vegetarian.  Many people ask me, "Don't you miss meat."  No, I don't miss meat, what I miss is more variety in the places I go to eat.  Most places have one or two choices for vegetarians and most are pasta+.  I would like to have some friends who are also vegetarian so we could compare notes on where to eat in this area.

I was listening to an ad while half asleep and thought, "What a crazy country we live in?"  Then I hear all the political ads that are on the TV now and I know its a crazy country.  What are we going to do?  How can we take this country back to a more sane time and place.  It seems out of control to me.  Where would I live if I didn't live here?  Don't know.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's working

Well, I lost another 1 1/2 pounds.  This is the least I have weighed in 10 years.  I am so happy about this and I will continue with Eat to Live diet and see where it takes me.  I read a blog criticizing this whole idea and saying that they never lost any weight, but in the same sentence they said they continued to eat meat and dairy products and I don't know what else they continued to eat, but clearly they were not sticking to the plan.  I would really like to have some more people comment on my progress and to join my blog.  Well, I checked on my view count and it is up so I guess people are at least viewing what I am doing on my diet.  Please join my blog, thank you.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What can I say?

After all is said and done I wished I had started being a vegetarian years ago.  I have often said I like vegetables and fruits so much I could be a vegetarian but never did it, now I have and I really like it.  Last night we went to an evening gathering of our senior group and I eat only veggies and some delicious cantaloupe and didn't even want the cake or pudding that was on the buffet table.  Such a feeling of relief to pass up the sweets.  That makes three times this week I have passed on sweets, I cannot believe it. 

The real test is coming.  My oldest son is coming on Sunday with his kids to spend the week and I have to find food for them, they all like meat and lots of pasta, cheese and pizza; don't forget hamburgers, soda pop and ice cream.  How will I cope?  Then I will be going to stay with younger son who in on the Paelo Diet.  What then?  I will try to cope with these challenges and get back to the blog with results.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's going good

My new diet is going good, I am studing more and more about a vegan lifestyle.  I would like to meet other vegans and have their help.  I am looking forward to going on vacation and trying my new diet then.  I am sure it will be difficult with others cooking and asking about what I am eating, but I plan to stick with it as much as possible.