Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Starting a new blog

Reflections (oil on canvas)
I am starting again.  Hope to be more successful with this blog.  I painted this from a friend's photo.  My son, Mike on seeing this painting said he was reminded of a poem he had written.  The poem follows:
      One lone bird flies close to the sun, thirsty,
      Below, a river with hardly a threatening wave.
      This bird slowly descends, giving its flight
                     to the current.
      The bird's reflection ascends
      There above the surface of the water, the bird's flight
      With the tip of its beak, the bird touches the river's surface
       Bird and reflection drink water and body.

      Leave the posture there, in motion, not flying away.
      The effort in the bird's wings,
      poised in that kiss, drinking each other in balance.

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  1. Whoa! that is amazing how they go together.....synergy