Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caribean Cruse

Boat in Jamaica harbor (Look at that water)

Coming into Jamaica
Sandstone formations at Hell, Grand Cayman

The Turtle Farm

Richard holding baby turtle

Today is the day for photos from our Caribean cruse.  The weather was warm and the sea was beautiful blues from lightest aquas to navy blue.  We had smooth sailing most of the time on our way to Jamacia, but the sea around Grand Cayman Island was very rough also around Cozemel and on our way back to Galveston. We went on a tour of Grand Cayman and had to take a small boat from our ship to the island because the ship cannot dock on the island.  The sea was very rough and I had a terrible time getting onto the small boat and getting back onto our boat, but I made it and everyone cheered.  On the island we visited a Rum factory, turtle farm and a brewery.  Grand Cayman is a beautiful island with many trees and many beautiful expensive homes.  There are also many resorts and "off shore banks." 

More photos later

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  1. Hi Ginny....Thank you for the bluebonnet comment....I really like these cruise pics you have posted...and the turtles :)
    Some of those turtle pics NEED to be painted!!!...did you get my earlier suggestion that you enter the palm painting in the Rockport Art Center's annual show???