Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunlight on Palms
20x16 Oil $250 available

I had a great time painting this palm tree trunk with the overlapping fronds and shadows in a close-up.  A slightly different view from paintings of the tops of a palm or side views. The many palms in Texas gives me lots of opportunity to paint them.  We have a small palm in our yard, but it is not the one I painted here as it is only about 6 feet and suffered greatly in the drought last summer and now the freezes this winter.  If our palm comes back from the weather distress, maybe someday it will be the subject of one of my paintings.  Besides palm trees, I especially like painting our great live oak trees.  The live oaks are dark green all winter adding green to an otherwise drab winter scene, then in the spring they turn brown and lose their leaves only to put on new leaves before summer.  The live oaks are a staple subject of Texas Hill Country painters along with Bluebonnets and other wildflowers.

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  1. GASP!! This is gorgeous! You need to enter it into a show at the Rockport Center for the Arts...join and send it in the first chance you get! I am not too familiar with all their shows, but they have one REALLY good one every year! This one will win's beautiful!
    And the 4 fisherman are GRAT, too...too cheap for such a big one! If you wnat to be cheap, keep it under $1000, but go higher if you can...It is beautifully composed and ought to be entered, too!
    I can tell these are inspired!....a coastal girl, eh?
    Thanks for the comment on the bluebonnets :)