Friday, August 10, 2012

What can I say?

After all is said and done I wished I had started being a vegetarian years ago.  I have often said I like vegetables and fruits so much I could be a vegetarian but never did it, now I have and I really like it.  Last night we went to an evening gathering of our senior group and I eat only veggies and some delicious cantaloupe and didn't even want the cake or pudding that was on the buffet table.  Such a feeling of relief to pass up the sweets.  That makes three times this week I have passed on sweets, I cannot believe it. 

The real test is coming.  My oldest son is coming on Sunday with his kids to spend the week and I have to find food for them, they all like meat and lots of pasta, cheese and pizza; don't forget hamburgers, soda pop and ice cream.  How will I cope?  Then I will be going to stay with younger son who in on the Paelo Diet.  What then?  I will try to cope with these challenges and get back to the blog with results.

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  1. We follow a vegetarian diet during Lent every year. The first few years it was hard, and when my Dad moved in, I thought we'd have to quit. But it actually worked well and it is good for his heart health! We got a book on the Daniel Diet and that helps me plan new entrees and meals. It's worth the work to stay healthy! ;-)